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Is it that time of year for savings?
How long are your appliances lasting?
RNC's Most recommended appliance, goes to......
the future?
Why Big Business Has Gone Cold on Big Appliances


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Is it that time of year for savings?

If you cannot have your appliances repaired and must replace your unit, here are a few tips to saving money during the year. Although we cannot predict when your appliances may fail on you, you could try and hold off a few weeks or so until those great deals present themselves. While every Holiday is a chance to save big on name brand appliances. There are some months throughout the year that can offer really big savings.

April and May 
Tax refund sales and the BEST time to buy a refrigerator!

How long are your appliances lasting?

       So my thought has always been that your appliances should last you at least 10 years on average. Most models made in the 70's even to the early 2000's were built to last. They didn't have all the fancy options and add ons like "steam clean" or "crushed ice", but did what it was meant to do. Now appliances can talk with one another. They can track their energy use. They can be controlled by phones. They have all these fancy bells and whistles.

RNC's Most recommended appliance, goes to......

1963-Donna-Reed-with-Washer-Dryer130404 KNM Appliance-25 The Kenmore badge first appeared on a sewing machine more than one hundred years ago. Kenmore sewing machines were introduced in 1913 and the product line has been expanding ever since.
Kenmore Brand has been in the business of dirty laundry for almost 90 years. The first Kenmore washing machine was introduced in 1927. The wringer style washer could be purchased for $79.50. Today’s washing machines may cost a little more, but they definitely have a few more features, too.
 Kenmore appliances have appeared in a number of television and film productions over the years.

the future?

This Washing Machine Could Be the Next Game-Changing Appliance-an innovative system that uses stain-sucking plastic beads translates to big savings
washer/dryer repairs

When it comes to revolutionary inventions of the 20th century, electric washing machines are right up there with automobiles and personal computers. With the press of a button, a load of laundry that had once taken in excess of four hours to clean was reduced to a 40-minute automated process. Some economists have even credited the time-saving appliance

Why Big Business Has Gone Cold on Big Appliances

Nobody, it seems, wants to sell refrigerators these days.
German engineering giant Siemens (SIE:GY) is offloading its 50 percent stake in an appliance business to Robert Bosch, its partner in the venture. Just a few days earlier General Electric (GE) hawked its appliance business to Sweden’s Electrolux(ELUXB:SS) for $3.3 billion.
Both of these castoff units are profitable and do massive trade in a business with fairly large barriers to entry. Designing a refrigerator is still trickier than making a killer app.

a little something to know

Vacuum Cleaner
Don’t let the vacuum cleaner bag get too full. Try to empty it after two or three uses. You don’t have to change the filter as frequently as you do the bag though.
For the best fridge maintenance make sure you close doors firmly to ensure that food doesn’t spoil. If you pack your fridge with too many items than the air won’t circulate properly. Don’t turn the temperature down too low either.

fridge for thought...

The third largest energy user in a home is the refrigerator/freezer. Some tips to cut down on costs:

  • Avoid using multiple refrigerators or freezers. An extra refrigerator that is hardly used can cost up to $100 a year.
  • Keep your freezer full. Food catches and stores cold air, reducing the workload of your freezer.
  • Reduce the amount of escaping cold air by opening the door once to get all your items.
  • Have your gasket checked once a year for any damage, air can escape thus making your fridge run more..

Tip or trick?

Using a small nylon mesh laundry bag for small articles, such as children's socks, etc can prevent such items from entering your wash pump and causing damage. Always carefully check pockets and remove all items before washing such as keys, hair pins, safety pins, coins etc.

The future?......

A modular fridge, the winner of the Electrolux Design Lab student competition several years ago

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