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Is it that time of year for savings?

RNC Appliance: Posted on Monday, November 14, 2016 12:50 PM

If you cannot have your appliances repaired and must replace your unit, here are a few tips to saving money during the year. Although we cannot predict when your appliances may fail on you, you could try and hold off a few weeks or so until those great deals present themselves. While every Holiday is a chance to save big on name brand appliances. There are some months throughout the year that can offer really big savings.

April and May

Tax refund sales and the BEST time to buy a refrigerator! Refrigerators have a higher failure rate in the heat of summer, and manufacturers look to capitalize by releasing the latest year’s model in advance of summer. New refrigerator models typically come out in May, which means the old ones go on clearance.

June and July

Graduation, Father’s Day, and Fourth of July sales. Great time to lookout for great deals on all large and small appliances.


Tax Free Weekend of course! Combine the tax-free weekend with ongoing sales and rebates for the chance to walk away with great savings on low priced new appliances.

September and October

Manufacturer's unveil month. Look out for those new products shown in September and October

(except for refrigerators, which usually come out in May)


BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY! The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. The best time to buy appliance packages at an unheard prices of the season.

December and January

Grills are out of season and dealers would love to give you a great deal to sell a grill in the dead of winter. You may find year-end clearance sales trailing into January, sellers will lower prices greatly to get rid of last year’s models and make room on their floor for new products.


Look out for Valentine’s Day and President’s Day sales.

How long are your appliances lasting?

RNC Appliance: Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2016 1:06 PM

So my thought has always been that your appliances should last you at least 10 years on average. Most models made in the 70's even to the early 2000's were built to last. They didn't have all the fancy options and add ons like "steam clean" or "crushed ice", but did what it was meant to do. Now appliances can talk with one another. They can track their energy use. They can be controlled by phones. They have all these fancy bells and whistles.

Now can we just get them to last?

All the technological and energy-saving gizmos added to home appliances in recent years have come at an expense: life expectancy.

In 2007, the National Association of Home Builders and Bank of America Home Equity released the "Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components," which included these estimates for long various appliances should last before you should think about replacing them.

  • Gas range oven: 15 years
  • Refrigerator: 13 years
  • Trash compactor: six years
  • Dishwasher: nine years
  • Microwave oven: nine years
  • Washing machine: 10 years
  • Electric or gas dryer:
    13 years.
  • Food waste disposer:
    12 years

Keep in mind that these numbers are nine years old. If the expected life spans of these products have changed, they have probably decreased by 7 years or more.

From my experience in the repair field, I have repaired more newer appliances less than 5 years old everyday. Some lately have been less than a year old. Most of all, people don't realize that all these bells and whistles cost more than half the cost of the machine itself. If I could give any good advise to anyone who uses appliances in their home, save your old ones, make them work with your home decor. They will saves you thousands of dollars in the future. Appliances made 15 years ago are still running and running better, if they need a small repair, it is affordable. Big company appliance makers want you to spend more money, they want the new machines to be difficult and un-affordable to repair, so you'll have to buy new ones. Then they break within 5 years and so on and so on. Keeps that dollar going round, but, I think Ill keep my dollar, Thank You!

RNC's Most recommended appliance, goes to......

Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:53 PM

130404 KNM Appliance-25

The Kenmore badge first appeared on a sewing machine more than one hundred years ago. Kenmore sewing machines were introduced in 1913 and the product line has been expanding ever since.

Kenmore Brand has been in the business of dirty laundry for almost 90 years. The first Kenmore washing machine was introduced in 1927. The wringer style washer could be purchased for $79.50. Today’s washing machines may cost a little more, but they definitely have a
few more features, too.

Kenmore appliances have appeared in a number of television and film productions over the years. Donna Reed kept her television family looking sharp with her Kenmore appliances.

Kenmore Brand curates products from the best manufacturers. Brian Jochum, Kenmore Senior Marketing Director says, “The Kenmore team takes the best of what other manufacturers have to offer. Then they identify unmet needs and insights to make them even better…to optimize and customize the best-performing appliances in the industry. Only then are they worthy of the Kenmore name.”

Kenmore Brand appliances are RNC Appliances most highly recommended. They are built to last decades and longer.

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